fredag, oktober 26, 2007

Independence cycling

On Independence day we set off at 6am for a planned 150 kilometers of riding. We were 5, plus our support vehicel. My god, I can get used to having a support vechicle. Its a lot safer, which is quite crucial on Zambian roads. Especially when heading south as we did.

On the way to Kafue its downhill and we had a strong tailwind. Wow, we were flying down at 50km/hour. In Kafue we continued south towards Chirundu and the border to Zimbabwe. Here we enter the escarpments and the terrain becomes undulating. Steep hills up and down. Hot and insanely beautiful. We pass the odd gigantic Baobab tree which looks like a relic from pre-historic times. The road has recently been renovated so the surface is perfect. On a public holiday traffic is also very light. Our only foe this day was the heat.

As we descended into the gorge it got hotter and hotter and at the turn around point the thermometer hit 35 degrees. My god - oooh it is hooot eh. As they would say in Zambia. One by one people gave in and climbed into the car. Me, Tom and Rick decided to continue though and sent the support vechicle off with the two abandons. About five minutes after the car has dissappeared I hit a rock. BAM. Tyre flat. Hmmm, where did we put the spare tubes etc - well in the car of course. Nothing I can do but to send the guys off and sit down in the shade of a tree. 40 minutes later Peter, directeur sportif, is back and I can climb in for my rescue.

Due to the flat I only got 115 kilometers, but I was very glad to have somebody pick me up.In two weeks we might do a weekend ride. Going down to Siavonga on saturday, spend the night and go back to Lusaka the following day. Siavonga is 200 km away and it will be an even hotter ride. Unless the rains get here before then, I really hope so.

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