onsdag, mars 21, 2007

To our non-Swedish speaking readers

I know that some of you appreciate the photos we have here, but I also have heard some comments that it would be nice if we wrote something in English for a change. You know who you are and special greetings to you all. I’m not sure that’s such a good idea. As long as you can’t understand a word of what we’re writing I can at least try to fool you that we are gifted writers with a lot of insight into the magic world of cycling.

Well to start with, we are a gang of four people with a sweet spot for the wonderful world of cycling and this summer we’re going to France during Tour de France to watch some and first and foremost to cycle ourselves. We’ll bring our goodies (that would be our bike stuff) and off we go for two weeks. Life is good to you sometimes! Oh so sweet! Happiness! Do you get the idea of the mental state we’re in while discussing or even thinking of our passion? You should see us in action.

Some of us (that would be me) are worried that we won’t be in shape (not good enough) while others thrive in the world of components (that would be the others). I’m often educated in what is and what’s not suppose to be, as in their components and mine. I’m also frequently told that thou shalt not overload your ride with extra equipment such as mudguards or lightening. That’s easy for those soft riders to say, since they do not bring their bikes outside in autumn or winter conditions at all.

Ouch – I do not want to write these things. I’m going to spend two weeks with them and they are all better mechanics and better athletes than me. I should be humble and stay friendly with these lovely guys. Would’ve, should’ve… It’s so fun to bring the subject of softies into focus.

Anyway you’re welcome to enter this site whenever you want to and you’re also welcome to comment on everything whether you have understood anything at all or not. Do not forget to let us know when you think it’s time to write in English again. Meanwhile please enjoy the photos.

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